Marco’s top tips for selling NFTs


  1. Showcase your absolute best
    You have limited chances to showcase your skills, thus you want to focus only on the very best. If a piece doesn’t fully convince you, no one else will be convinced either. 
  2. Be scarce
    Scarcity raises the value. Limited editions and rare releases lead to an overdemand of your works, which in turn leads to higher prices.
  3. Care for the community `
    There are lots of artists out there doing what you’re doing. Engage with them, exchange ideas, and learn from others’ experiences. This will also widen your reach to collectors.
  4. Promote your work
    You’re doing freelance. You must learn the best practices to promote your work. Don’t spam, don’t rush and be patient.
  5. Be in it for the long term
    Like every new technology, it takes time to take root in the market. Enjoy the process and be in it for the long term and not quick gain.

SOURCE and Full story: This article first appeared in Digital Photographer magazine

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